You have heard running injury stories and it’s the last thing you want to happen as a runner. But if you’re a beginner, the only thing you know that may save you from injury is through a warm-up. However, you may be doing your warm-up wrong. Here are some tips to save you from running injury. Learn more about running please Read me.

Too deep warm up
Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s just a warm-up. You don’t need deep lunges, deep stretch and hamstring pull during this stage. You can do those exercises for your cool down. The reason behind skipping deep stretches during warm-up is to avoid the feeling of a sluggish muscle. If you feel it, you may not want to run anymore.

Avoid running half-marathon right away
Even if you’re an active person, you can’t start running right away. You need to train yourself because running has its own biomechanics. You must also show up regularly on your training day. The maximum frequency is four times a week. You can feel that you’re already prepared for the next level after two months of training.

Wrong posture
When you run, you must be mindful of your posture. The wrong posture is the unnatural lean. It means that it’s not the usual lean you’re doing when you run. Usually, an individual run upright. An upright lean means that the head is over shoulders and hips. If you run this way, do it. Even if someone told you to lean forward while running. Such position may work for some people but you may feel the hip pain, neck and back pain.
When you run to ensure that you’re relaxed. However, you must ensure to land midfoot and maintain a short stride length. If you’ll follow this technique, your body automatically forms the right posture.

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